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indirect closed loop active copper coil water storage tank
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indirect closed loop active copper coil water storage tank

12345Next5/5Price Range $800 Anti-freezing Indirect Active Solar Water Heating System

An internal coil is pre-installed in storage tank as heat exchanger,a heat-transfer liquid circulates through solar collector to tank coil for heat exchange between the closed loop and main tank water,and an additional tank coil could be used to form a closed circulation loop for house or floor or pool heating.

Price Range $200

One Coil Heat Exchanger ( Closed Loop Active Indirect System ) Model Solar Collector Unit Solar Water Tank Unit Pump Station Unit Packing Volume Model Type Capacity Type Model Type IPSF100(1) 1.5 m² Pressurize d.Flat Panel.100L Pressurized.One Coil .Closed Loop.SR881 Single lin e.EPP Shell.Expansion .Tank.0.61 m³ IPSF150(1) 2 m² 150L 0.86 m³ IPSF200(1) 3 m² 200LSolar Hot Water Systems is an environmental company with rich experience in the solar energy research and development,production and marketing.We specialize in manufacturing various types of solar water heaters,characteristic products are steel coil solar water heaters,Jacketed type tanks,heat pipe solar collectors,U-type solar collectors.Solar Indirect Booster Tank American Water Heaters6-Year Limited Tank/6-Year Limited Parts Warranty*.Download Spec Sheet.Download Install Manual.American indirect solar water heaters are designed for installation as part of a closed loop solar water heating system.Available in 80 and 120-gallon capacities these models provide storage for the hot water produced by the solar collectors and a supplementary electric heating element that maintains consistent water

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